After Your Service


Sexual Intercourse and Tanning

We recommend no "sex in the champagne room," or tanning for 24-48 hours after your service. This allows your hair follicles to close, and prevents irritation.  


How to Cleanse

When it is time for cleaning, we recommend a mild soap without fragrance. Keep the area moisturized with a small amount of petroleum jelly daily. Avoid using astringents, harsh cleansers, or hair removal creams. 


Reschedule An Appointment

We recommend you are seen every three weeks for the first two months to get all hair growth on the same cycle. That's right, hair grows in cycles, or stages. You may feel a little stubble, bumps, or itching after your wax. Once you begin to wax frequently, you hair will be trained and you wont have to come but every other month. Ask a friend to tag along for a service. It's the perfect idea for girls day out.