Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

Dare to Bare

Whether you're preparing to wear a swim suit, or you just prefer a hair-free lower body look, waxing removes hair in a way no other non-permanent method can. It leaves your skin clear of stubble and re-growth for weeks at a time, which can lead to a comfortable and fresh feeling down under. If you usually use razors and are looking for smoother, easier, and longer-lasting results, a Brazilian wax may be your solution.

Hair that waxing removes won't start to grow back for several weeks.  Our Brazilian hard wax removes hair so well and keeps it from growing back quickly because it actually pulls hair from the shaft where it grows. We don't just take out hair one at a time. Several large strips of body hair can be gone in a few quick rips by our licensed aestheticians. Plucking each strand one by one would take much longer. However, we have all the tools necessary to decrease displeasure, pain, and treatment time.

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Brazilian waxing removes hair and dead skin cells on your skin's surface, creating a new and fresh appearance. 

Thinner Hair


What happens when your hair grows back? New growth is sparse and fine. 


Minimal Irritation


When done by a professional, waxing causes little to no irritation to the skin. We use products that are gentle on the skin, while other methods like epilation and hair removal creams tend to be more irritating.