Before Your Service

Clean Your Kitten

We use a gentle cleaner on the skin prior to any service. However, we ask that you are washed and dry prior to any service. We have a powder room to freshen up if needed!

Minimize Alcohol and Caffine

Did you know that large amounts of alcohol and caffeine constricts pores? When consumed in large amounts prior to your procedure, this change your skin undergoes may cause you to have a more painful experience. No worries, you can party right after!

No Tanning 24-48 Hours Prior

Freshly tanned skin may be irritated. Please allow this amount of time before scheduling your service.


Inform your Kitti Specialist of any medications you are taking. These include, but aren't limited to, antibiotics, Accutane, and topical creams you’re using. Make up or Retin-A products must be made known as well, as they may not be compatible with waxing.

Cotton Undies

We strongly suggest you wear cotton underwear upon arrival and departure of your service. The more breathable the better! No worries, they don't have to be sexy. But, whatever floats your boat!


This is Spanish for RELAX. Just do it. You're in good hands darling. Enjoy your service like the Lioness you are!